Our mission is to create and sustain

a community of lifelong musicians.


We are dedicated to being a refuge for any musician to come to in need of guidance, insight, networking and/or preparation.

We offer private and group music instruction in a variety of instruments and at all different skill levels, building a foundation for improvisation, sight-reading, theory and technique. The Music Asylum also offers classes tailored to the student's specific interests in the field of music such as performance, songwriting, music business and much more, helping students prepare themselves for a future in music as well as building his or her portfolio.

Meet Our Instructors

Jack Tomaiolo - Guitar / Bass / Vocals

Jack Tomaiolo, founder of The Music Asylum, has performed on stages across the United States as well as outside of the country.  Jack has been teaching for over 15 years,  focusing on instrumental lessons, and vocal coaching. Studies include improvisation, music theory, and recording techniques.  Jack also mentors students in various music internships including music business and                                                                                                                                            promotion.

Charlee Bianchini - Guitar / Vocals/Songwriting

Charlee has been a professional musician for over six years now, and can be found performing in and around the Boston area. Trained classically, she studied with renowned guitarist, Anthony Weller. Now, Charlee  writes much of her own music in folk/rock/blues styles. She mentors students both young and old. Each course of study is fit to her students’ needs and interests, mixing theory and technique                                                                                                                                    with an appreciation and love of melody, harmony and                                                                                                                                              rhythm. 

John Aruda - Saxophone / Flute

John Aruda has been performing on stages across the world and is currently touring with Alligator recording artist, Jesse Dee.  Aruda teaches saxophone and flute and focuses on jazz and blues improvisation, music theory, and woodwind techniques. 


Nathaniel Diamond-Jones - Violin / Fiddle / Mandolin

Nathaniel is a Boston based musician with over 20 years of performing and 7 years teaching experience with violin, fiddle and mandolin. He started out studying classical violin at the Winchester Music School and eventually went on to preforming traditional music abroad. In 2014 he received an Associates Degree for the study of Music from Bunker Hill Community College. Now with over 25+ students a week, Nathaniel spends most of his time teaching or playing shows with one of the many bands he preforms with.