The Music Asylum has a variety of program offerings so that our students can get the most out of their music education.  Our staff is available to help prospective students decide which program will suit them best according to their goals and aspirations. 

Private Instruction

We offer private instruction in a variety of instruments and subjects including:


Lessons are scheduled once a week either for a half hour or one hour dependent on the student and their goals.


In this program, students will learn about stage presence, proper microphone and gear usage, how to “work a crowd,” even how to create their own look. Students will be able to put their practice to work at the end of semester performance either as an individual or in collaboration with other musicians.

-One weekly lesson

-One weekly, hour long group workshop/rehearsal

-End of semester solo or collaborative performance

Band Ensembles

Through band ensembles, students will take their private music instruction to the next level by engaging in musical collaboration. As a result, students learn teamwork, communication, stage presence, and they gain confidence in themselves. Collaboration inspires students to work hard, and pushes them to perfect their musicianship.

- One Weekly lesson

- One weekly, hour long group workshop/rehearsal

- End of semester band or solo performance



In this program, students learn how to use music composition as a means of expression by playing with song form, prosody, melody, harmony, rhythm and groove. Students will work independently as well as collaboratively, work-shopping and helping to produce each other's songs while learning teamwork and communication.

- One weekly lesson

- One weekly, hour-long group workshop, collaboration and/or critique

- End of semester group or solo performance.



The Music Asylum offers an annual Summer Songwriting Session. Learn the art of lyric writing, prosody, chord structures, harmony, song form, rhythm and groove. Students will leave having written at least one song for themselves, will collaborate with other students on song production, and will leave with a great sense of the complexities and joys of creating music.


Intro to Songwriting
Beginner Level
July 8-12
Ages 10-18

Admission: Early Bird Special (before May 15th ) $275, After May 15th: $300
Learn the art of lyric writing, song structure, chord structure, rhythm and groove. For beginner students. End of program performance on July 26th!

Spotlights and Prosody: Songwriting Tools and Strategies
Intermediate Level
July 15-26
Mon-Fri 9am-12pm
Ages 10-18

Admission: Early Bird Special (before May 15th ) $550, After May 15th , $600
Take your songwriting to the next level! We will explore prosody, spotlighting, metaphors, new rhyme types, modal writing, tensions, slash chords, and voice leading, just to name a few. For the intermediate songwriter. Must have prior knowledge of basic songwriting skills (song structure, etc.), and/or have taken our beginner level class. End of program performance on July 26th!

Intro to Songwriting for Adults
Beginner level
July 8-12
Ages 18+

Admission: Early Bird Special (before May 15th ) $275, After May 15th. $300
Learn the art of lyric writing, song structure, prosody, chord structure, rhythm and groove. For beginner students. End of program performance on July 12th!



For younger students, age 5-6, the Music Asylum offers a 45 minute group lesson once a week for kids to garner an appreciation for music and their chosen instruments. Starting music education at a young age has been said to accelerate brain development, and helps students develop skills in critical thinking, organization, time-management and focus. This class is a perfect way to give young rock stars a taste of what music has to offer. Classes are formed depending on type of instrument and demand.

The Music Asylum offers a variety of other opportunities for our students.  These include:


Students can take their learning outside of the classroom, working with teachers to design a course of study in accordance with their interests and goals. Our teachers will either give them ways to do this within the school or outside in professional environments. Past internship topics have included music business, songwriting and production, among others.

Master Classes

Frequently, additional classes will be offered for students to expand their knowledge of an instrument, technique, or skill. Past workshops and master classes have included: vocal technique with Nicole Nelson from The Voice, songwriting, and history of music.


Collaborating with music club and restaurant, Chianti of Beverly, The Music Asylum presents clinics where various musicians come to talk about their art and process. This is an opportunity for students and the public to ask questions and learn about the industry from working professionals.